Welcome to RevdKathy's place online. This is where I keep my online stuff.

So what's here?

  • Well, I keep a scrapbook most days. It contains a mix of stuff I've found online, photos, silly pictures, the odd link, quote and video. Think 'blog' without much of the introspection. Well, a bit when I'm feeling self-indulgent!
  • I also have a gallery, which I set up for my n95 photos. I have created an album for a friend, too.
  • Worry bear is here, of course. People still ask me if he is around. He helps me with my work occasionally. There's a link to his stories, games and fun, and a separate link to his postcard site.
  • There's a couple of pages of an outline of faith. Nothing too heavy.
  • We still host our friends at ChristopherEccleston.net, so of course there's a link to them, and we redirect for the sensory modulation project BeSmart, so a link there.

Have a browse around and make yourself at home.